PALPRO Holds a Training in Digital Fabrication

PALPRO Center held a training in Digital fabrication for three days in Jericho, which was presented by the trainers, Eng. Mahmoud Barham and Eng. Ahmed Barham, Digital Fabrication and Product Development experts at the center.

The training targeted participants specialized in various fields, such as engineering and arts. Following processing many applications that were received and selecting the most suitable target group, the training was provided exclusively to 12 participants, to allocate the needed effort and time for each participant during the training.

The training sought to provide participants with the most important skills in the field of digital fabrication. It tackled the following topics, creating products and models, learning and applying fabrication processes and techniques, producing products using different materials, problem-solving, in addition to learning the appropriate processes that suit each product category.

At the end of the training, certificates were awarded to trainees, who expressed their appreciation for the theoretical and practical knowledge that they have acquired.


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