PALPRO and PACU Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

On 26-01-2023, PALPRO, represented by the Director of the Quality and Applied Research Lab, Dr. Ibrahim Afana, and Agricultural Cooperative Union (PACU), represented by its Executive Director, Mr. Nidal Dwaikat, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to establish a partnership to implement joint activities for the growth and development of the agricultural sector and the local products in Palestine.

According to the articles of the MoU, efforts by the two parties will be channeled towards capacity building of agricultural cooperatives and improving the quality of their products, through provision of trainings, technical support, and the needed lab testing. In addition, both institutions will strive to boost the role of agricultural cooperatives in the local market, and ensure their products match the Palestinian quality standards.

This MoU stems from the shared goals and missions of Quality and Applied Research Lab at PALPRO and PACU; as PALPRO provides integrated services in the field of microbial and physicochemical testing of food products, in addition to its specialization in R&D and development of food products, whereas PACU enables agricultural cooperatives to obtain the necessary tools and trainings to improve their efficiency, performance, and sustainability within the local value chain.